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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 3, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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spill. rising water. a major river nears its crest in nashville, tennessee, not before sweeping away a school. the weather channel's mike seidel gives us an update on the deadly weather now affecting the south. an investigation into saturday's attempted car bombing in times square is now focused on a man shown on surveillance video that police released overnight. the possible suspect described as a white male appearing to be in his mid-40s 40s is shown looking back at the nissan pathfinder rigged to explode and smoking at the time. he takes off one of his shirts revealing a red shirt beneath. the possible suspect is also shown walking right in the heart of broadway. we've also learned this morning police have now interviewed the owner of that pathfinder, the suv they are focusing on. the license plate was traced to connecticut. also while officials are downplaying any possible connection to al qaeda or other
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international terrorism, homeland security secretary janet napolitano is not ruling anything out. she and on this morning's "morning joe." >> i think we're not ruling anything in or ruling anything out. i think we have to let the investigatory process run its course, which it is on a very, very accelerated and focused way. >> let's get more from nbc's michelle franzen. she joins us live from times square. we know authorities have mounds of evidence in the vehicle they are looking at as well as hundreds of hours of surveillance video. i believe i saw a report and you can confirm this, there are over 80 cameras in that area alone. >> that's exactly right. that's surveillance cameras. that's not including hotel surveillance cameras. this is just nypd cameras in this area. certainly you gave a laundry list of evidence. there is a fast-paced investigation going on here. police are trying to sort of connect the dots in what they have. now, that surveillance tape they released this morning of the
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middle-aged man changing his t-shirt, taking one t-shirt off, they are calling him a person of interest, not necessarily labeling him as a suspect. they say they would like to talk with him, though. it is just one of many pieces of video that sort of sticks out to investigators that they may release to the public. another, they have a tip from a tourist who lives in pennsylvania that was here on that night. that tourist contacted police saying they may have video of suspicious activity of someone running away on their home video that they took. so a lot of different angles. then of course you've got all the evidence in that nissan that was found that night, packed full of propane tanks. of course they figured out the vin number now. the "associated press" says they have interviewed the registered owner of the vehicle. of course the plates do not match the vehicle. they were traced back to a repair shot in connecticut.
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tamron, many different angles for police to look into. they are glad they have all this evidence to go over but they are hoping it leads them in the right direction. >> thank you very much. more now on possible connection to international terrorism. we're joined by evan coleman. thanks for joining us. we heard secretary napolitano saying they are not ruling anything out at this point, but are there any indications this is international terrorism or leaning towards a domestic terrorism investigation. >> one indication, we've had a message now, that came out last night. the video was recorded several days ago and suggests we're going to launch attacks in your cities in the next several days. they are coming. >> don't we hear that kind of threat pretty often? >> it's pretty specific. you're right in the sense it's not specific enough in the sense we can say it's definitely connected here. the other problem, look, if you
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look at the device, if you look at how this was executed, if this was an international terrorism organization responsible, they did a pretty poor job. this explosive had no explosive. it was an incendiary device. it wasn't put together well. if this was something from a terrorism organization they didn't receive very good training, that's for sure. >> what happens in this investigation. what do you likely believe is taking place behind the scenes? >> i think we have to be careful, first of all. this person shown in the surveillance camera. it's a person of interest. >> we stressed this. this is just a guy they have seen on tape and they want to talk to him. >> there's no clear indication this is necessarily the person involved. right now police are looking for things that stick out of the ordinary. things they can see on cc tv footage, closed circuit tv footage and point out why is this guy here, why is he doing this, why is he running around from the scene and putting together who are these people. eventually maybe we can get a clue of who is behind this.
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there is a fingerprint. there is a report a fingerprint found inside the vehicle. is this the fingerprint of the person driving? is this the fingerprint of the original owner of the car? we're going to have to see. at this point to say any one person is a suspect or more likely to be, we don't really know. until police have a chance to interview these people, we won't know exactly what they were doing at the time or where they were going. >> terrorism analyst evan kohlman. we appreciate it. more on the times square bomb scare. we'll talk to one of the street vendors there when it started. he alerted police about a suspicious vehicle with smoke coming out of it. find out more what he told police. that's coming up at the bottom of our hour. new concerns about underwater well in gulf of mexico. this the image of nasa satellite, 30 mile slick off the gulf coast. officials say the oil could begin washing up on the beaches
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of mississippi later today. if it completely fails, the coast guard says as many as 100,000 barrels of oil could spew into the gulf coast. earlier on the "today" show, the ceo defended his company's response. >> it wasn't our accident but we are absolutely responsible for the oil, for cleaning it up, and that's what we intend to do. we have a massive operation ongoing here on three front, in the subsea, on the surface, and, if necessary, on the shore. >> michelle kosinski joins us in mississippi where the weather so far is keeping the oil at bay. michelle, talk to us about what you've seen and observed this morning. >> reporter: yeah, that's been good news for people here. in fact, haley barbour told people if the weather keeps cooperating, it's possible mississippi won't be affected very much by the oil. that's a 6'e optimistic view
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for most people here who feel sure their environment, at the very least and their lively hoods will be affected to some extent by the oil. that's what they are hoping for. we've seen thousands and thousands of local volunteers signing up on websites to try to do what they can to prevent the oil. going out in boats laying boom or preparing for training to clean off wildlife they are willing to do it. one group of volunteers pushed for a meeting with bp last night. we saw that happen. they had one bp representative who was trying his best to be extremely humble and reassuring to people to say bp knows it has a responsibility to take care of this, that the company is doing all it can. people were very kind. they didn't get angry. they asked a lot of questions. there was no confrontation. there wasn't even that much tension there. it was a very sedate meeting. in the meantime, preparations are going on. they have had trouble with rough weather over the last couple of
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days. some of the lengths of boom they laid out broke apart and washed back up on the shore. it's been difficult to know what to do to prepare. six to eight large sea turtles washed up this weekend dead. necropsies will be done to determine the cause. it's unusual to see the number but no indication it was oil. >> initial kosinski, coverage on the battle to contain the oil slick. another part of the story michelle mentioned, the affect it's having on fishing. fishing has been halted for at least 10 days from the mississippi river to the florida panhandle. in fact, some fishermen so desperate for work are now applying for cleanup jobs with british petroleum. >> a whole life heritage and it's gone. >> i don't like it. i worked for myself all my life,
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now i have to work for somebody else. it causes a problem to my livelihood, you know. >> for more from the environmental impact, we're joined by campaign network grn, works to restore the region's natural resources. thanks for joining us. i'm sure you heard michelle kosinski talk about the six to eight large sea turtles that washed up. no indication it's part of the oil spill. people are trying to connect the dots and seeing the impact this is having already on the environment there. >> the sea turtles are the first of many we'll see. if you look at the size of the spill and the season for sea turtles, swimming from the gulf to nesting beaches, they are barely going to come in contact with this slick. it's the kind of crude it is, it off gases a lot of vocs, volatile organic compounds, toxic chemicals as they surface in the slick and breathe, that's going to have impact on them.
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we're concerned about environmental impacts. not just the sea turtles but marine mammals, fisheries. of course as we look at our coastal system, a lot of economically critical fisheries like the tlimp, like the crabs, like the oysters. >> we've reported if the leak continues we'll see 200,000 gallons of oil a day leaked into the gulf. at this point there's been a 10-day fishing ban in the gulf. when do you think we'll start to see sadly more imanxious like the slick, the bird covered in oil like friday. >> any moment. we're looking at 2.5 million gallons pumped into the gulf. they don't have a dependable time line as to when they are going to be able to stop that flow. bp's offshore drilling disaster will have huge impact on the ecosystem. again, these coastal communities hit so hard five years ago by hurricane katrina. this is the in verse of katrina.
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we're going to have the boats, the docks, the homes but nothing these shrimpers and fishermen will be able to get after. the grounds will be spoiled. it's horrible. >> have you or your organization attempted to meet with bp or officials from the white house who have been there? >> saturday we had a community meeting with epa's lisa jackson. she met with the affected community and wanted to get some feedback, get some ideas how to deal with this, answer some questions. i'll tell you what, just the tension and people are so scared about this. you know, our coastal communities are so scared. as i said we're just starting to recover from katrina really. this comes at a horrible time for them and the environment. i'm the biggest poly anna out there, the sky is falling. looking at the size of the spill, it seems likely we're going to avoid huge impact to at least four gulf coastal states. >> thank you for being with us. i know we'll be talking with you
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throughout this. hopefully as you point out we won't see the worst case scenario. coming up port sulphur, louisiana, for live report on how the oil spill is affecting that region. now the deadly flooding in the south. the cumberland river that winds through nashville, tennessee is expected to crest today, more than 11 feet above flood stage putting parts of downtown nashville in danger. this video just in from nashville. the sun may be shining now but the streets are covered in water. at lesion 19 people were killed in tennessee, kentucky and mississippi after thunderstorms tore through the region this weekend. take a look at this video. it's a portable school house floating down and then breaking apart on a flooded road. weather channel meteorologist mike seidel is in nashville with the latest. >> reporter: tamron, that is i-24. i've never seen an image like that, a house floating down the
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highway. that's one of the images burned into my mind with this weather disaster. here in nashville they have had record-setting rains over the weekend. 13.5 inches in two days. they have never seen that much rainfall in two days. here is what happened, downtown area flooded overnight as cumberland continues to rise looking down second avenue south. six blocks of downtown real estate under water. a lot of the downtown cordoned off. most people did not come downtown to work today. schools closed, no bus service. drinking water okay. they want you to conserve it at this point. one of the plants is not working at least for a couple of days. now we look towards the river. that's the pedestrian walking bridge. beautiful structure, walk back and forth. beyond that lp field where the titans play football. if they were playing, they would probably play water polo. water is probably getting into the base of that stadium. the field sits low, parking lots have water in them. the problem is this river is not going to crest until later today. 51 now, expected five or six
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inches, back below flood stage sometime wednesday morning. until then a lot of communities dealing with river flooding, not flash flooding, that's over with because the rain is ended, are going to be out of their homes. thousands evacuated and rescued since saturday. >> that's what i was going to ask you about, if heavy rain in the near forecast for them. you say no flash flooding expected. >> no. what you see is what you get. beautiful weather down south. sunshine through thursday. the only exception real quick, the same system impacted here now in the southeast. parts of i-20 in atlanta have been shut down. parts of atlanta have had serious flash flooding this morning. huge delays at the world's busiest airport. heads up, that rain moving in. won't be as much here upwards 13 to 15 inches. a serious issue traveling in atlanta, georgia. >> all right. mike seidel live in nashville. thank you, mike. new developments in the murder of a beloved washington, d.c. principal. an arrest has just been made in connection with the case.
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we'll get the latest for you. new protests over arizona's controversial immigration law. some backing the law are pointing to the weekend shooting of a sheriff's deputies by drug smugglers as proof we need this law. maricopa county sheriff judge arpaio, a strong supporter joins us live. the issue today is nuclear weapons and nonproliferation, iran's proper president ahmadin here taking center stage as the u.s. pushes for more sanctions. [ male announcer ] let's take the garden into our own hands.
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welcome back. we're following different stories around the country. want to take you to the inauguration of the new mayor mitch landrieu. you see him sitting next to the
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woman in yellow. i believe that's his wife. he's the first mayor of the mostly african-american city since his father left. he's also the brother of senator mary landrieu. we wanted to bring you that from in accordance there. iranian president ahmadinejad is here in new orleans ready for another showdown at the united nations over his country's nuclear program. he's scheduled to speak at the u.n. less than two hours from now. nbc's ron allen is there. ron talked to us a little about what we might hear and also the atmosphere there. >> reporter: well, it's always a big day at the u.n. when the iranian president comes to town. for context, this is a month long session on nonproliferation going on. it happens every five years. so it's a fairly routine event. ahmadinejad is the only head of state to come here. that's how important he sees this stage, be on the world stage to talk about nuclear
11:20 am
weapons and nuclear energy at a time when his country is facing harsh chris sichl and u.s. trying to inflict harsh sanctions on iran to stop its program of uranium enrichment, as you know. ahmadinejad is expected to speak around noon, he's basically expected to call the u.s. hypocrites for having nuclear weapons at a time when he's telling the rest of the world they can't have nuclear weapons. that's what he's going to say. he's going to keep insisting iran wants nuclear power for peaceful purposes. there doesn't seem to be a time when the u.s. and iran will confront each other. these are meetings that involve many countries. the iranian president sees this at a time he can take the world stage, again, when the u.s. is trying to ramp up pressure for sanctions against iran. thank you. concerned parents are scrambling to call doctors after a massive recall of tylenol and other medicines. advice on what parents should
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welcome back. a lot of parents are trying to figure out what medicine is safe for their child. the recall includes infant and children's tylenol, motrin, benadryl and zyrtech. bob bazell joins me. obviously concerned when you see something like this. what do you do? >> obviously if you have any of these at home, get rid of them and buy new ones. you give them for pain and science congestion. the problem with all of these names, tylenol and benadryl and motrin and zyrtech are all pr
11:25 am
proprietary names. when you go to the score you don't look for tylenol or acetaminophen. the best advice, use generic substitutes. the way you find them, if you don't see it on the label, talk tower pharmacist. don't buy anything from mcneil laboratories or its parent country johnson & johnson. >> i think we have a list of generic brands, look for acetaminophen, tylenol, zyrtech. >> these are complicated names. can we put them up? we have them, they are there, but they are not on the screen. there they are. anyway, the names on the left are all trade names that belong to the company that initiated the recall. so you need the generic names, the ones on the right. that can be a little bit confusing for parents. this happened because the fda inspected the plant in arizona
11:26 am
run by mcneill, subsidiary of johnson & johnson. they found some gunk, little bits of powder that shouldn't be in there, fillers. emphasize no danger. >> no reports of injuries. >> out of caution you shouldn't use these products for your kids, even if you have them at home and bought them before, toss them out and get new ones. ask your pharmacist what's the best equivalent. >> the investigation into the times square car bomb focuses on the man seen in a video. i'm going to talk to a street vendor right there when the police arrived on the scene. michael douglas opens up for the first time on tv since his drug's sentencing. >> my son has not been sober for this length of time since he was 13 years old. he was going to be dead or somebody was going to kill him. [ crowd cheering ]
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welcome back. three more gulf coast states asked for the pentagon to help, joining in louisiana. obama administration will meet with british petroleum officials today. meanwhile with prime spring fishing season kicking in, the federal government has closed off 6 to 800 miles of fishing areas. fishermen are worried about their livelihood. thanh truong joins us live from louisiana. what else are you hearing from the fishermen there. >> we're hearing a lot of frustration. at this point they are frustrated, for a while now -- it's been two weeks since this started. for a while they have lobbied bp
11:31 am
to lay boom because they know the waters and know the areas they can lay boom to control the oil slick as it comes close to their areas to make a living. they have applied for their jobs. they were out there yesterday, neighboring st. bernard parish and out here along venice and port sulphur, too. that oil slick is coming close to this key channel area, good for shipping goods and materials from the mississippi river. as you mentioned earlier, there's been a closure of commercial fishing east of the mississippi river, so that effects a wide swath of fishermen and shrimpers east of here. the good news is on the west side, which is 75% of the shrimp and oysters that come from here, still open to commercial fishing. they are hoping this oil slick will be contained and bp will do its part paying for it and moving forward quickly to contain this. right now they don't know when exactly that's doing to happen. tamron. >> all right, thanh. the news in the 10-day closure
11:32 am
of fishing in certain areas there, how do these people say they can supplement? as i mentioned in the intro, this is prime season for them to make their money. this is not just affecting the gulf coast, they send their fish, what they bring out of the sea across this country. >> well, for the measuremen locally, they are trying to apply with bp so they can go out on their boats and lay booms. they want to get compensated because you can imagine it costs for fuel and their time as well. they are not fishing. that's their livelihood, the way they make their living. they are trying to apply with bp so they will be compensated. there is a choke point. they believe bp is slow in doing so. as you mentioned, there's doing to be a lot of impact here potentially if the areas of the river are closed off to commercial fishing, there will be a shorter supply of seafood going around the country. right now most of the seafood distributors say everything is okay at this point.
11:33 am
likely if this continues, there's shorter supply and smaller supply of seafood going to the country. that may mean prices go up. >> thanh truong live for us. breaking news regarding mark sanford. he will not face criminal charges for the use of plane and campaign cash that drew fines. he had been under scrutiny for over a year now after he was caught up in a scandal involving his personal life. he traveled to argentina. some called it a dereliction of duty at that time to visit his then mistress. that resulted in ethics questions about the moneys he used on a number of trips. now we understand that the governor of south carolina, mark sanford, will not face criminal charges for the use of plane and campaign crash, that drew fines he paid to the state after all of this was revealed. we wanted to update you on that. a frightening day at a los angeles hair salon after an suv crashed into the store.
11:34 am
the crash was caught on surveillance video there. the suv was going around 40 miles an hour when the driver misjudged a turn -- i'd say -- and lost control. that's a heck of a misjudging. breaking internet news actress lynn redgrave passed away. let's get more from courtney hazlet and the scoop from just reported lynn redgrave, stored actress from the stored redgrave family. she has passed away of she's the sister of vanessa redgrave. more details to come. one family member of really strong, strong ledgeredary acting family has passed away. so moving along to more not cheerful news, michael douglas was on the "today" show this morning talking to matt lauer exclusively about his son's jail sentence.
11:35 am
interestingly enough matt lauer was really pointed in saying do you think your son got some sort of celebrity treatment. he wrote all these letters to the judge and made public. michael doug really said this was his son's fault and he takes responsibili responsibility. listen. >> my son was a drug dealer. he's been trying to kill himself for a while. i can't condone his behavior. so i think the court recognized his drug addiction as well as the crime that he committed. it's an adequate, i think, amount of time for anybody to spend in jail. the best part is he will be able to start his life fresh. >> i think this was a difficult interview for michael douglas to do. i urge everyone to go to and see it. he gets to the bottom of this, this is an addiction, it needs to be caught early. he takes responsibility for his
11:36 am
role, the hollywood family, and what that might have done to contribute to cameron's problem. you can check out the entire thing on other legal news. roman polanski is breaking his silence. he, as you know, is in europe. he says what's happening right now is a case of him treated very unfairly. american authorities, specifically the district attorney's office in los angeles is trying to extradite him and bring him back on charges just for publicity's sake. he posted this on his friend's website and it's been all over the papers in europe. he claimsee done his jail time, paid for his crime and it's time to turn the page. we'll be keeping an eye on that. finally something cheerful today, there hasn't been a lot. betty white on the "today" show to promote her appearance on sat night live. she said she's be cool with a little bit of nudity. that's totally a joke. in essence she has no idea what
11:37 am
the cast has for her. she's turned it down three times. >> more on that. >> yes. >> lynn redgrave and what her family is saying. catch betty white on "saturday night live." for more entertainment news logon to a few stories make us say -- >> no way. >> if caffeine doesn't make you choke the price will. a chain now causing $12 for a cup of joe. yes, what? somebody said over there. the costly coffee made from handpicked beans grown in ethiopia. they say it's for a sophisticated pallet like a fine wine. in philadelphia, hundreds of people turned out to pull their weight and a boeing 747 for a good cause.
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25 teams tugged the plane to see who could cross the finish line in the shortest time. bogey 747's typically way 70,000 pounds when they are empty. each team raised $2500 for charity. congratulations to them. she triggered a nationwide manhunt after running away with her boyfriend that her family did not know about. now her husband is speaking out in an exclusive interview. phil lebeau announcing the merger. what does it mean? we'll explain on msnbc. three decadent flavors. 60 calories. it's me o'clock. time for jell-o. soak our yards in color. get our hands a little busier. our dollars a little stronger. and our thinking a little greener.
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11:42 am
she was charged to crimes linked to betts death but not actually his murder. another man taken into custody just this morning. so far authorities say they are just questioning him. mr. betts was a beloved teacher. the school and his kids have been devastated since his murder. this is a break in the case we're following as well. police are chasing a real life jason borne as in the movie. lapd said they found stacks of counterfeit bills, counterfeiting equipment and ak-47 as well as other weapons in a downtown high-rise. a neighbor going to smell something burning last week. when police broke down the door, they checked things out. the suspect escaped out of a window. the suspect paid a year's worth of rent in cash. the rent was $3400 a month. he paid for the year. apparently just like jason bourne, he left behind multiple ids and passports.
11:43 am
he had ids which concerned authorities. the case of the runaway mom in ohio. stephanie tehan, 31-year-old married mom of a 1-year-old child turned out a nationwide manhunt before turning up in a hotel with another man. her husband told meredith vierra he no idea his wife would have done something like that. >> there was nothing that would have given me a clue as to something like this happening. >> david tehan said they have several conversations with tiffany and things remain, quote, unresolved for them. continental and united airlines announcing they are merging to form the largest airline. the new airline would be based in chicago. it would keep the united name but would use continental's logo and colors. that log okay was on display this morning in new york as the ceos of continental and united talked up their new partnership.
11:44 am
>> this company is built for sustained success and profitability and what we all know to be a hyper competitive industry. >> cnbc's phil lebeau live in new york. start with saying what critics say about the merger. keep an eye on the largest airline. >> there's also a concern when you have two airlines like this getting together, tamron, it's going to hurt customer service. so far the reaction on wall street and from those who have taken sort of an objective look at airlines getting together is one of, listen, this could actually work out to be better for customers particularly when you marry strength of united in the west and aig countries along with continental in the east, latin america and europe. if you put those together, from the perspective of continental, this is a great opportunity. remember, it was just a month ago united and usair were talking about a merger. it was those discussions, the
11:45 am
prospect of united merging with another competitor that convinced continental it was time for them to step up and try to win over united. >> and phil, how long before this deal can be approved? >> probably by the end of the year. they are going to have to get regulatory approval. most believe there shouldn't have to be too many hurdles they will have to clear with the to do government. they may have to reduce some routes around the country. there's not a whole lot of overlap here, tamron. from their perspective, equal competition in most of their markets. most believe this is going to get the approval of the federal government. >> cnbc's phil lebeau, thank you very much, phil. a recent shooting of a sheriff's deputies at the new mexico border has people saying that's why the arizona is necessary. sheriff joe arpaio, who is enforcing the law already, will join me next. build a car you're proud of. ♪
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if you were visiting in
11:49 am
arizona and you had an accent and you were a citizen from you know, my state of new york, you could be subjected to the kind of inquiry that this law permits. i don't think there's any doubt about that. >> hillary clinton speaking on "meet the press" about arizona's new law. demonstrators took to the streets again this weekend to protest the law. it gives police power to check anyone they suspect of being here illegally. adding fuel to the fire, a shooting of an anthony deputy this weekend. officials say he encountered a group of suspected illegal immigran immigrants, when he was shot and wounded. joining us from phoenix, sheriff, you started arresting suspected illegal immigrant this is weekend. in 15 hours, you arrested over 100 people. how many of those were in this
11:50 am
country illegally? >> well, we had 75 involved in smuggling and we arrested them in seven different vehicles coming through this county or leaving this county. that's over 2,000 in my office as arrested on that felony human smuggling law. so we can continue to crack down. nothing is going to change. we've been doing it for three years. >> so, these sweeps were not the result of the new law? >> the new law takes effect in 90 days, but once again, we've been enforcing federal laws until the obama administration took away my hundred deputies. i'm still using by deputy sheriffs. we're still doing our job, going into workplaces, arresting people working illegally in those places and also with false identification. so we're still enforcing the
11:51 am
illegal immigration laws, but i'm looking forward to this new law that's been signed by the governor. >> sheriff, talk to me about your position, you talk about arresting people a t these places of work. are you in favor of cracking down on these companies, these hotels, restaurants and other places that knowingly hire illegal immigrants and in some cases, there are fake i.d.s. these people have not produced documents and the companies are taking advantage of this workforce. this cheap labor. >> yes, we had -- you're right. and we have unemployment problem in this country, yet these positions are being taken up by people that are here illegally. >> are you in favor of tougher fines and maybe even, if you have to, arrests when it comes to these business owners who knowingly hire people in this country illegally? >> hello? hey, guys. >> i can't hear you.
11:52 am
i can't hear him. we lost his audio. i'm sorry. we apologize. he's always available when we ask, so maybe we'll have him later. if you want to reach out to us about this debate regarding the law in arizona, you can send us a tweet, you can go to my twitter page as well as any of the others on and let us know what you think. a lot of people have been talking and continue to talk about this, so we'll pick out a tweet of the day because it takes me about ten minutes to logon, so it's hard to interview the sheriff and then logon to my twitter account. that does it for me. thank you for joining me. i will see you back here at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. we have more on the killing of the popular washington, d.c. principal. >> we are looking at the homeland security officials scrambling to get to the bottom
11:53 am
of that attempted bomb times square. i'll have the news exclusive with the vendor who saw something, and said something and helped save the day. and the guy who helped brand president obama's presidential campaign says now he's not so sure the commander in chief has accomplished the task. we'll talk to the designer of the hope poster, next.
11:54 am
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11:56 am
good monday, everyone. i'm contessa brewer. we are following fast-moving developments in the hunt for the person who put a nissan pathfinder in the heart of new york city's times square loading with explosives. the police say detectives have spoken with the owner, but no word on whether the individual is considered a suspect. police are also extremely interested in talking with the man caught on this video. he's seen changing his shirt near the suv. janet napolitano says they're
11:57 am
not ruling out international terrorism. >> every lead has to be pursued. we would caution against premature decisions one way or the other. we do know that we have great law enforcement in new york city. it's lashed up with a joint task force in which the fbi and department of homeland security participate. >> nbc's michelle franzen is in times square with the latest. >> reporter: there is a fast-moving investigation. it's yielding dozens of clues for police, but still at this hour, more questions than answers. you mentioned that surveillance tape. that person of interest. they released that tape to the public. they're sifting through hundred of hours of tape in this area. 82 cameras of tape that they have to go through. this one stuck out to them. it shows a middle-aged man
11:58 am
hanging around the area of the car. he takes off one shirt. he has another one underneath and then he stuffs that black shirt in his back and quickly makes his way off while looking back. police say they would like to question that man. they also have a tip from a tourist who lives in pennsylvania and was here that night. they took home video and say and contacted police saying they may have video showing people running away or suspicious activity and police could release that as well as additional video today. it gives you an idea of what they're dealing with in terms of gathering this new evidence, as well as pouring over all the other evidence. >> thank you very much. moving over on 42nd street, going to the united nations, where president ahminedjad is
11:59 am
speaking. >> said that iran must except -- accept the fuel change and that the ball is now in iran's court. well, i'd like to tell you and inform him as well that we'd accepted that from the start and i'd like to announce once again that to us, it's an accepted deal. therefore, we have now thrown the ball in the court of those who should accept our proposal and embark on cooperation with us. in the name of god, the compassionate, the merciful, all praise be to allah, the lord of the universe and peace and blessing be upon our master and profit and his pure household and his noble companions. oh, god, hasten the arrival of imam and grant him good health and victory and make us his


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